Freelance Artist


Asset Kit

Incubo (2015/16)
Role: 2D Artist

"Incubo" (Project Name: "Trust Me") is a 2D puzzle platformer set in a dream-like world. It uses changing gravity, inversion of controls and portal doors to make the player's path towards the goal especially difficult.

This project went through many transformations. Starting out as a co-op horror game on an abandoned island where a monster lurks, it became a co-op puzzle game using a 2D and a 3D character, before eventually becoming the 2D platformer that it is now.

To create the world of this game I used "Atlantis" as a theme. Atlantis is often depicted as a civilisation using ancient Roman or Mayan architecture, so I decided to add a little twist to that notion and include gothic elements to my background designs. To make the inversion of controls more understandable, I decided to use differing colour schemes for the backgrounds.


Team Heartbeat Logo Intro
Intro video created in After Effects; logo created using an ink pen and Photoshop